Picture Frame Crafts For Your Kids Party

A framed picture of a guest at your kids birthday party makes for really fun and popular party favors. When the party is themed, the picture taking ‘booth’ is usually themed as well. The kids are usually shown in a fun party costumes, doing a party game, or munching away at the birthday party cake.

An associated party craft is to decorate the picture frame, before taking it home. Each party guest gets to personalize his or her own frame with an assortment of craft goodies, usually displayed on a craft table.

Ideas to Decorate & Present Kids Party Pictures

    These craft ‘goodies’ can range from themed- elements, to glitter, pieces of nature, for sure lots of glue, etc. Here are some more ideas for themes, shapes and of the craft materials kids can use to decorate their frames.

    scrapbooking vintage theatre image

  1. Be the Star of the Show: Print and glue on this vintage theatre image onto the frame, for a superfast and easy DIY frame solution.
  2. Or if you prefer, you can glue the photo onto recycled CDs, add a hang tag at the back of the CDs and let the kids decorate the edges.
  3. Dolly it up: Glitter glue and small Barbie doll accessories such as combs, brushes, sunglasses, and purses make for a glamorous birthday party souvenir frame that will be treasured by your party guests for years. Perfect for girly-girly parties, be that Barbie, princess or a dress-up themed.
  4. Scrap it: Use craft paper or pretty scrapbooking paper cut offs to cover the frame. Then, you can use stamps. Or guilled flowers, letters and shapes. Even Thinly cut toilet paper roll embellishments such as hearts could be really cool. Add some regular and/or foam stickers.
  5. In Best Shape: Glue an assortment of healthy peas and beans onto your frames. You may let the kids paint over the peas when they are dry, although the natural look can be attractive also.
  6. Talking about shapes, you could use puzzle pieces of old, incomplete puzzles. Or you could use a variety of pasta. Both of these ideas give a unique look to a frame.
  7. Fabric-ated. If you have fabric that matches your party theme, leave the little ones strips of that fabric to cover their frame. Might even want to add buttons, pompoms or little objects that match the party theme.
  8. Be at the Zoo: with faux fur craft fabric you can make frames that look like animals. For an zoo animal-themed party.
  9. Glitter away – for Royal party guests: decorate your frame with faux gems, sequins, sparkles, or stickers.
  10. Back to the Stone age: Make frames with craft clay.
  11. Nature lovers delights: Moms who love a natural look will make sure that their offspring will stay featured prominently in a frame embellished with natural elements, like shells and sand, leaves, berries, and even small stones. Perfect for a beach or garden party.
  12. A yarn about frames: covering frames with colored pieces of yarn is an easy kids craft. Be sure you have bright colors that kids find fun.
  13. Sticker-ido: particularly if you have little time for this frame decorating activity, stickers can be the solution to create a finished look without too much craft work.
  14. Anything else? Add monograms, crochet flowers, tissue paper flowers, or other fun items that you have laying around or are part of your party printables set.

For the actual frames: You can opt for handmade frames as well, or go for store-bought in bulk at dollarstores for inexpensive small picture frames.

Picture Frame Craft Tips

Tip 1: get kids to write their names onto the back of their project before the front of the picture frame is covered with glue and decorations.
Tip 2: Get the children to choose their materials/theme before they begin, so the frames don’t end up with w a bit of everything!
Tip 3: Don’t forget to add one or more pretty ribbons to hang up the frame and to tie all the colors in the artwork together.

vintage theatre photo source: the graphics fairy

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