Mother’s Day Crafts For Toddlers – Easy Bookmark Mother’s Day Craft For Toddlers

Finding an easy mother’s day craft for toddlers is not always that easy. I know that most people consider making bookmarks rather boring but, we must keep in mind that the toddlers probably haven’t made any yet, so for them, making a bookmark for mom is new. This easy bookmark craft is also a fun way to teach the little ones what happens when different colors are mixed.

Remember, this craft for toddlers needs to be done under adult supervision and the little ones will need help with some of the steps.

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This is what you will need for this mother’s day craft:

  • A small piece of white poster paper
  • A decorative pair of craft scissors (called zigzag scissors by some)
  • 4 Colors of thin watercolors (you can find watercolors powder to make these at any crafts store)
  • A medicine dropper
  • Thin ribbon in a color of your choice
  • A punch to make a hole for the ribbon

Method for this mother’s day craft:

  1. With your decorative scissors cut a piece of your poster paper to the required size for a bookmark. (Bookmarks do not always have to be the well known size, I have a very pretty one that my granddaughter made that is quite big and it is beautiful. A bigger bookmark also gives you more space to work with.)
  2. Now you have to splatter a little bit of clean water on your bookmark. (Not too much because we do not want the bookmark to become too soggy!)
  3. Draw one of the colors, of your paint, up into the medicine dropper and drip the paint on different places on the bookmark.
  4. Wash the medicine dropper and repeat the procedure with the other the other three colors.
  5. You will notice that the colors will flow a little and where they mix the colors will change depending on the colors you used. For the little ones it may be a good idea to use the primary colors.
  6. Keep an eye on the kids so that they do not get over exited and use too much water and paint, as the bookmark will then become very soggy and the end result will not be satisfactory.
  7. Let your bookmark dry completely.
  8. Punch a hole in the bottom of the bookmark and thread the ribbon through the hole.
  9. Make a not in the ribbon to keep it in place.

Kids really love doing crafts that can be used in some way. With this mother’s day craft for toddlers they make a gift for mom that she will be able to use for many, many years to come. I hope you and your toddler will enjoy this easy mother’s day craft for toddlers.

By Magriet Du Plessis

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